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Towards just and peaceful Myanmar society where gender equality prevails; and women and men enjoy their inherited dignity and human rights.

Thingaha Gender Organization is committed to:
✦ influence the people in power to make gender policy at National level;
✦ build capacity of and provide gender education to the people in communities at local level;
✦ establish good relationships and link up with local and international networks for bringing about gender equality, human right and human dignity in Myanmar society with accountability.

✦ gender equality policy is made and enforced at every level from National to local community level in Myanmar society.
✦ gender policy that is relevant to Myanmar context is made and enforced at organizational and operational level of the Civil Society Organizations (CSO) with conviction.
✦ widespread awareness on gender policy and practices is a reality and collective efforts are being made to influence key people in policy change at international level.
Gender ToT for Monastic School Teachers in Yangon.
Staff dinner night @ yangon, Myanmar.
Leadership programme @ 2016, yangon.
Contact address:
Building - A (9/1), Anawratha Housing, Hledan, Kamaryut Township, Yangon
Tel: (+95) 09 732 266 31, 09 731 908 82
Email: thingaha@thingaha.org, new.thingaha@gmail.com
Fb page: www.facebook.com/thingaha.gender.org.myanmar